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Looking for Some Time To Kill? Flash Games are Still Hot!

Flash Games are Still Hot

Mobile games are great time killers but you cannot spend too much time staring at your smartphone at the office. Playing games just to kill some time is a common practice but the most popular ones are still flash games.

Flash games first emerged in 1996 and were developed on a piece of software that was later on renamed Flash. Since then, Flash games turned into a billion-dollar industry although the death of Flash Player support has been announced so many times that it has become a joke amongst game developers. Flash games continue to be developed even today despite all the scaremongary that browser support will be discontinued. The only beef with Flash games is that they can drain laptop batteries quite fast. If you plan on spending hours at a time playing browser games, make sure you have a charger close by.

Flash games have the great advantage of being playable on pretty much any device with a browser and Flash Player support. They are far less dependant on hardware than regular games. This means that there is nothing to upgrade, no new PC parts, new console. In simple words, everyone can play flash games without spending a dime especially since most of them are free. Flash games can be played at school, at the office or even at home. They are much more convenient than mobile games. Also, most flash games do not have any kind of in-game purchases. Compared to mobile games, they are much less invasive when it comes to monetization. Mobile games are flooded with ads and in-game purchases that grant significant competitive advantages to the ones that are willing to spend a few dollars on just pixels on a screen.

The only compromise is that the graphics are downscaled. This is done to improve performance even on low-end devices and it is much more cost-effective. Flash games are made to be addictive to play rather than eye candy. Some of them are well made and some flash games transitioned into full releases. Some of them became so popular that they got sequels.

Flash games can be considered a piece of history that helped shape gaming as we know it. It helped new developers spread their creativity using simple tools and releasing flash games. New developers test their skills by creating flash games and the way things look today, flash games are not going anywhere. If you are looking for some time to kill, browser games are still popular, free and quite fun.