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Snail Bob – Fun Side Scrolling Game

If you are looking for a fun side scrolling game that will keep you entertained for hours you should definitely check out Snail Bob. The title sounds weird, I know, but the game itself is insanely fun and the situations that this mischief little snail gets himself into are hilarious you will keep playing just to find out what happens to him on his next adventure!

This game with a snail as it’s protagonist is not only fun and entertaining, but it is also an online game that you can play for free on your internet browser or your smartphone or mobile device. There are flash versions of the game available or HTML versions if you want to put Snail Bob on your site for other people to also enjoy.

The game might look like a child’s game from an outsider’s perspective, but the truth of the matter is that anyone can play this game and still have fun. There are kids who grew up with this game and still play it to this day because there is truly no other game like it available online. While the game style and concept might seem familiar, the main character being a snail really brings new ideas to a game genre that we all know and love. It is a game that you and your kids will love and enjoy, no matter what type of game style you are into.

The first game in the Snail Bob series was released all the way back in 2010, making it almost 10 years old today. But the game remains just as popular now as it was back then. The game has been put on to popular websites for kids to play when they get home from school, and other sites where teenagers and adults go to find random games to entertain themselves with. Once you play the first one, you will keep going back to find the other games in the series because the story continues on for seven more games after the first.

Along with those eight games total for the desktop version, there are also two mobile versions of the game. The two mobile versions of the game are said to have different levels to be played through. So even after you beat all eight games that these developers have to offer, there is still more fun to be had through your smartphone or mobile device.